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22W Chick Heating Plate, 25cm x 25cm, Suitable for up to 15 Chicks, with adjustable height - Free Delivery

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Give chicks what they need with the Comfort Heating Plate.

Easy to use, extremely save and low in power consumption.

Suitable for 15 chicks

Small chicks grow up fast. That is, if they can maintain the right temperature. Young chicks require more warmth than older ones. The Comfort Heating Plate takes this into account with its height adjustable legs. This guaranteed perfect temperature makes for happy and warm chicks. Regardless of whether they’ve just hatched or are a couple of weeks old.

Advantages of the Comfort Heating Plate 25x25

  • Natural henlike warmth, the chicks go for warmth when they need it
  • Perfect temperature guarantee for all chicks thanks to the height adjustable legs
  • Extremely low power consumption: the Comfort Heating Plate is up to 5 times more energy efficient than a traditional heating bulb
  • Double safety thanks the to temperature and resistance fuses
  • LED indicator light to show if the heating plate is switched on
  • Longer lifespan due to strong and durable ABS-plastic

Why choose a heating plate?

In nature chicks sit under the hens’ feathers. However, many hobby breeders use incubators. As soon as those eggs have hatched, the chicks will need something different to keep them warm. Enter, the heating plate. An ideal solution, since the chicks will position themselves underneath the plate whenever they need the warmth. Just as in nature. In a sense, the heating plate is the perfect replacement to the hen. The chicks will quickly get used to the heating plate’s much colder immediate vicinity. In comparison to a more traditional heating bulb, this will make them harden much faster. A quicker hardening equals quicker feather growth and thus better cold-protection. All of this ensures strong and healthy chicks and makes the Comfort Heating Plate the ideal substitute to the mother hen.

The chicks will use the heating plate for approximately 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the outside temperature as well as the species.

Longer lifespan, safer to use and lower energy costs

The traditional artificial heating source for chicks is the well-known heating bulb. Although it has some great advantages, the higher energy costs and limited reliability are a downside. The lamp’s vulnerability to hits and strokes cause the theoretical lifespan of 3000-5000 hours to be significantly shorter in real life.

In many cases a heating plate proofs to be the best alternative. It will last up to 10 years with ease, is safe to use, reliable and consumes very little power. Because of the high-quality PIR-insulation on the upper side of the plate, the generated heat will only flow to the chicks at the bottom of the heating plate. Compared to a heating bulb, the difference in power consumption is so vast the heating plate’s purchase price can be earned back in 8 to 20 weeks. A very good investment indeed!

The Comfort Heating Plate 25x25 is the ideal solution for everyone who wants to rear chicks. Easy  to use, extra safe and energy saving. This particular version is suitable for a maximum of 20-25 chicks