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Avi Form - Digestive Stuff! Probiotic Chicken Recovery Supplement

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Introducing Digestive Stuff! The ultimate soluble probiotic and electrolyte formulation for poultry. Designed to help your birds recover rapidly after an illness, this probiotic chicken recovery supplement is packed with ingredients to restore avian health and well-being.. We understand that your birds require special care and attention when recovering from illnesses. That’s why Digestive Stuff! contains the only probiotic that has received EU approval for poultry birds. This sets it apart from other avian recovery products, making it the best solution on the market for your chickens or other poultry birds. Not only does this formulation quickly restore electrolytes and support a healthy digestive system, but it also provides vital nutrients that help with recovery after illness. Moreover, Digestive Stuff! can be combined with all other Aviform poultry products. Therefore ensuring your birds receive comprehensive, tailored support for their health and well-being. Choose Digestive Stuff! probiotic chicken recovery supplement for your birds, and give them the quality recovery they deserve. With its powerful probiotic and electrolyte formulation, they’ll be back to their old selves in no time. Trust Aviform to provide you with the best solutions for your avian friends’ needs. Whether you are a seasoned bird enthusiast or a new bird owner, we have the perfect solution for you. Explore our extensive range of cage and aviary bird supplements today and discover the ideal options to enhance the lives of your feathered companions. Give your birds the care they deserve, and watch them flourish with renewed vitality and happiness. Key benefits faq cross Discover the key benefits of Digestive Stuff!: Rapid Recovery: Experience a swift return to peak condition for your birds after illness, thanks to the powerful restorative properties of Digestive Stuff. Stress Support: During periods of stress, Digestive Stuff! provides valuable assistance, helping to maintain optimal health and well-being for your feathered companions. Gut Flora Restoration: After antibiotic treatment, Digestive Stuff! replenishes essential gut flora, promoting a healthy digestive system and aiding in the recovery process. Improved Digestion and Reduced Infection Risk: Through regular use, Digestive Stuff! enhances digestion, leading to improved nutrient absorption, while also mitigating the risk of infections. Elevate the well-being of your poultry birds with Digestive Stuff!, a comprehensive supplement that addresses their specific needs and promotes overall health. Feeding instructions faq cross FEEDING AS A TONIC Add to drinking water once or twice weekly 5g per half litre Add to seed or softfood once or twice weekly 5g per 500g AFTER ILLNESS/MEDICATION (GOING LIGHT ECT) Add to drinking water for up to 7 days 5g per half litre Add to seed or softfood for up to 7 days 5g per 500g ADDITIONAL INFORMATION Can be combined in drinking water with all other Aviform products