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My Cozy Nest Laying Box

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Trendy colours, timeless design and very easy to use. The new "My Cozy Nest" combines it all! Produced in our own plastic moulding factory this beautifully designed product is the perfect new asset for every hobbyist and a true eye catcher in your (web)store. And the most important of all? "My Cozy Nest" offers hens a comfortable and sheltered place to lay their eggs.

Pros "My Cozy Nest" laying nest.

  • Safe and sheltered place to lay eggs
  • Minimum incidence of light
  • No draft
  • Timeless design
  • High-quality impact-resistant & UV-resistant polypropylene
  • Excellent lifespan
  • Simple to clean
  • Spill-resistant

The nest is produced mainly from high-quality impact-resistant polypropylene intrendy brown and lime green. The material and the shape make the nest easy to clean. The height of the edge and the shape of the nest make sure the hen cannot scratch the litter out of the nest.

Perfect incidence of light & no draft

The place a hen lays her eggs needs to meet a few conditions. The chicken’s natural instinct makes her find a place which meets these conditions. To just lay an egg somewhere in the coop is not an option, neither is outside. That is why a hobbyist needs to create a place that meets the hen’s natural instinct. This place needs to be dark and sufficiently ventilated. This makessure the animals will lay their eggs on the desired spot. "My Cozy Nest" offers both aspects in exactly the right balance and therefore deals with a stubborn designer error in many other laying nests. The ventilation isn’t created through holes in the side walls, but via ventilation grilles with a minimum incidence of light. The incidence of light coming from the front is fixed by a blackout curtain made from flexible plastic.

Pleasing to the eye

Animals lovers often enjoy the looks of the animals they take care of. Unfortunately, the products they use to give that care mostly do not look as good. For decades thathas been the case for laying nests. The "My Cozy Nest" ends that problem with its innovative design, happy shapes and trendy colours brown and lime green. This nest is the perfect new asset for everyone with chickens!

"My Cozy Nest" stands for a comfortable place for chickens of every breed and size. The blackout curtain and the innovative ventilation grilles provide the necessary dark and sheltered place to lay eggs. Due to the use ofhigh-quality impact-resistant polypropylene this product offers an excellent lifespan. In addition, the shape of the nest makes it very easy to clean.

Designed by people with chickens.

Despite the good looks, a product needs to be functional first and foremost. Olba believes in the combination of those two. That’s why some of our people have chickens themselves. That way we know whatwe talk about and what truly matters.

An easy to clean laying nest is one of those things. The "My Cozy Nest" is provided with a sturdy non-skid step. This way the animals can easily enter the nest. The nest’s topside is slightly rounded, so the animals cannot sit on top of it. And the height of the edge makes sure the hen cannot scratch the litter out of the nest. And when the nest does become dirty? The way of mounting the nestto the wall ensures it can be taken off very easily as well. Once taken off, one can simply spray it clean.

Which litter do I use?

This type of laying nest is the so-called ‘litter laying nest’. It’s the most natural type that is available today. The litter prevents the eggs from breaking or damaging. It also gives the animals a natural feeling. There various types of litter: wood shaving (no sawdust), buckwheat husks or chopped straw. We prefer the first two. Hay and long straw are not an option, because the animals drag these outside the nest with their legs. The benefit of wood shaving and buckwheathusks is the eggs mix in between and are therefore protected against damages. In the unlikely event of no litter in the nest, the "My Cozy Nest" inside material is soft enough to not break the egg.