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Premium Split Peas

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Chickens enjoy peas! They are high in important nutrients, minerals, and vitamins and has vitamin C and protein. These are good for their health. Contains 23.00% Protein

Because of the nutrients, peas are suitable for laying hens. Split peas have high calcium content. It is also high in fibre content.

When serving baby chickens, it’s best to cook the peas first. Your chickens enjoy a good meal.

We advise to mix alongside other treats such as mixed corn, this gives a variety of choice for your chickens. 

Remember the 90/10 rule. No more than 10% of a hens diet should be treats. It is important to feed 90% complete feed such as a good quality layers pellets

Feeding guide - An egg cup per day - these can be given dry are and do not need to be cooked. 

They are great to train chickens to go into their new coop at night or even as a general every day treat.