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Sundown Egg e Bed Bale

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Two chickens in a hen house

Encourages Nesting and Laying

The shorter-chopped wheat straw is great for the whole coop, especially the nest boxes where it encourages hens to nest and lay.


Big bales of straw being stacked in a field

High Quality, Made Locally

Only the best British wheat straw, grown on local farms, is selected for Egg-e-bed, which keeps our our quality high and our transport miles low.

Short chopped straw in hands

Double Dust-Extracted

We use an innovative vacuum double dust-extraction method on our bales of Egg-e-bed for a low-dust environment, and add a eucalyptus fragrance for a fresh, clean smell.

Available in convenient bales wrapped in recyclable plastic

Benefits of Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding

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Best quality 100% British straw

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Fresh eucalyptus fragrance

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Finely chopped for a fluffy bed

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Soft, warm, and cosy

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Encourages nesting and laying

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Can be home-composted

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Makes a nutritious garden fertiliser

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Suitable for all poultry of all ages


19kg bales