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Virkon S Tablets 50x5g

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Virkon S is the breakthrough disinfectant formulation that defines on-farm biosecurity. With powerful, proven performance against over 500 strains of viruses, bacteria and fungi including Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD), Avian Influenza, Salmonella and Campylobacter, Virkon S are selected by governments worldwide for Emergency Disease Control.


Leading the way forward in best practice biosecurity programmes, Virkon S provides a wide range of applications to commercial livestock producers, veterinary hospitals and farmers.


The famous "pink powder formulation" offers the flexible, fast-acting, convenient, one-stop disinfection package for:





Aerial disinfection

Water delivery systems

Ten Reasons to use Virkon S

Virkon S is the breakthrough formulation that has redefined on-farm biosecurity and leads the way forward in Emergency Disease Control measures.


Approved by Governments Worldwide to combat major diseases such as FMD, Swine Vesicular Disease, Avian Influenza, Newcastle Disease, and more.


Outstanding Properties. The only branded disinfectant referred to in the prestigious AUSVETPLAN, as "Virkon S is a modern disinfectant with outstanding virucidal properties.


The "Gold Standard" foot dip disinfectant. Virkon S kills pathogens ten times faster than the nearest competitor, even at low temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge.


Proven to kill on the farm as well as in the laboratory. Independently proven in field trials to be highly effective against the most serious threat to livestock the viruses.


No need to rotate Virkon S. Independently proven to reduce the potential infectivity of resistant Salmonella super-strains.


Superior Safety. The superior operator safety profile ensures that Virkon S is convenient for users and can be misted in the presence of animals.


Environmental profile. Virkon S has been formulated to include ingredients that have been carefully selected for their ability to degrade naturally within the environment.


Easy to transport and store. Virkon S can be transported conveniently and rapidly by rail, sea, and air with no additional spend requirements for transport or storage.


Biosecurity in a single pack. A highly convenient multi-purpose biosecurity system all in one pack for surfaces, equipment, vehicles, aerial disinfection, and water delivery systems.






The broad-spectrum efficacy of Virkon S for farm disinfection has been independently proven against over 100 strains of the virus, 22 viral families, 400 strains of bacteria and 60 strains of fungi, using a wide range of contact times, temperatures and organic challenge levels. Likewise, the excellence of this Virkon S laboratory data is supported by superior on-farm efficacy ensuring that low temperatures and high levels of organic challenge do not present a problem.


Additionally, leading veterinary laboratories have shown that Virkon S is not associated with the development of resistance. The researchers concluded that the continued use of an oxidising disinfectant such as Virkon S reduces the potential infectivity of Salmonella super-strains.






Formulated to overcome the problems of the limited spectrum and limited activity exhibited by other disinfectants, Virkon S achieves deactivation and destruction of the target organism through a broad-spectrum, non-selective range of oxidation reactions. Unlike other disinfectant chemistries, Virkon S does not exert a specific toxicological effect on the target organism and is proven to kill pathogens in seconds.


Independent field trials have demonstrated the impracticality of many types of disinfectants for foot dips due to slow pathogen kill rates. When researchers at Indiana Purdue University in the U.S. compared the performance of six classes of disinfectants, namely aldehyde, chlorhexidine, chlorine-releasing agent, iodine-releasing agent, synthetic phenol and a quaternary ammonium compound (QAC), only the QAC disinfectant provided adequate foot dip disinfection. However, the QAC required an impractical five-minute soak after boot cleaning.


When the same researchers repeated the evaluation using Virkon S, effective disinfection was achieved after boot cleaning in just 30 seconds. This independent study confirmed Virkon S as the fastest and most effective disinfectant available for farm disinfection protocols as compared to other classes of disinfectant. This potent combination of efficacy and speed means that Virkon S arms farmers with the best means of infection control, at low temperatures and in the presence of organic challenge.