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British Grown Grain - Grow Your Own Wheat Fodder !

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Grow your own wheat fodder !

British Grown on our own farm!

A great fun activity with a tasty treat at the end for your chickens !

Its very easy and fun !


1. Get your grain 

2. Pour your grain into a jar (a screw top jar works well or a large glass/plastic bowl) 

3. Cover the grain in water approximately 2 inches above 

4. Allow to soak for 24 hours (This will jumpstart the process and you can watch the grain expand and swell) 

5. Find some plastic trays with drainage holes (Plant seedling trays work great for this part) The tray needs to be 2" deep and ensure the drainage holes are smaller enough so the corn cannot fall through. 

6. Once 24hrs has passed rinse the grain and spread into the tray evenly 

7. Place the tray in a sunny light place this will make them grow quicker

8. Lightly Water the corn twice per day using a spray mist bottle to keep them moist

9. Your fodder should be ready in 14 days depending on growing conditions. 

Every box has a set of instructions to help you along the way -

If you find this a success you can set the grain every couple of days so you have a constant supply.